Zefyr Changelog


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.9.0 (#154)


This release contains breaking changes.

  • Breaking change: ZefyrEditor.enabled field replaced by ZefyrEditor.mode which can take one of three default values:

    • ZefyrMode.edit: the same as enabled: true, all editing controls are available to the user

    • ZefyrMode.select: user can't modify text itself, but allowed to select it and optionally apply formatting.

    • ZefyrMode.view: the same as enabled: false, read-only.

  • Added optional selectionControls field to ZefyrEditor and ZefyrEditableText. If not provided then by default uses platform-specific implementation.

  • Added support for "selectAll" action in selection toolbar.

  • Breaking change: removed ZefyrDefaultImageDelegate as well as dependency on image_picker plugin. Users are required to provide their own implementation. If image delegate is not provided then image toolbar button is disabled.

  • Breaking change: added ZefyrImageDelegate.cameraSource and ZefyrImageDelegate.gallerySource fields. For users of image_picker plugin these should return ImageSource.camera and ImageSource.gallery respectively. See documentation on implementing image support for more details.


  • Relaxed dependency constraint on image_picker library to allow latest version. Note that

    Zefyr 0.7 will stop depending on image_picker and introduce some breaking changes, which will

    be described here when 0.7 is released.


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.7.8


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.2

  • Experimental: Added non-scrollable ZefyrView widget which allows previewing Notus documents inside layouts using their own scrollables like ListView.

  • Breaking change: renamed EditableRichText to ZefyrRichText. User code is unlikely to be affected unless you've extended Zefyr with custom implementations of block widgets.

  • Breaking change: renamed RenderEditableParagraph to RenderZefyrParagraph. User code is unlikely to be affected unless you've extended Zefyr with custom implementations of block widgets.

  • Added ZefyrScope class - replaces previously used scope objects ZefyrEditableTextScope and ZefyrEditorScope. Unified all shared resources under one class.

  • Breaking change: removed ZefyrEditor.of and ZefyrEditableText.of static methods. Use ZefyrScope.of instead.



  • Fixed autofocus not being triggered when set to true for the first time.

  • Allow customizing cursor color via ZefyrTheme.


This version introduces new widget ZefyrScaffold which allows embedding Zefyr in custom layouts, like forms with multiple input fields.

It is now required to always wrap ZefyrEditor with an instance of this new widget. See examples and readme for more details.

There is also new ZefyrField widget which integrates Zefyr with material design decorations.

  • Breaking change: ZefyrEditor requires an ancestor ZefyrScaffold.

  • Upgraded to url_launcher version 4.0.0.

  • Exposed ZefyrEditor.physics property to allow customization of ScrollPhysics.

  • Added basic ZefyrField widget with material design decorations.


  • Breaking change: ZefyrImageDelegate.createImageProvider replaced with ZefyrImageDelegate.buildImage.

  • Fixed redundant updates on composing range for Android.

  • Added TextCapitalization.sentences

  • Added docs for embedding images.


  • Fixed analysis warnings.

  • UX: User taps on padding area around the editor and in empty space inside it now look for the nearest paragraph to move caret to.

  • UX: Toggle selection toolbar on double tap instead of refreshing it.


  • Fixed: Prevent sending excessive value updates to the native side

    which cause race conditions (#12).


  • Initial release.

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