Zefyr Changelog


  • Upgraded to support Flutter 2.10.


  • Added maxContentWidth constraint to ZefyrEditor. When this property is not null the editor's content will only stretch up to the specified value. This does not affect the overall editor width, it will still try to expand horizontally to fill the entire available area. Side effects of setting maxContentWidth include:

    • the scrollbar (for desktop platforms) will appear at the right edge of the full editor width, which may not be the same as the right edge of the content.

    • gesture and mouse events outside of the content area are still handled by the editor. Both of the above are desired behaviors.


  • Added keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic and underline styles. (#580)

  • Launch URL improvements: allow launching links in editing mode (#581)

    • For desktop platforms: links launch on Cmd + Click (macOS) or Ctrl + Click (windows, linux)

    • For mobile platforms: long-pressing a link shows a context menu with multiple actions (Open, Copy, Remove) for the user to choose from.


  • Inline code improvements: added backgroundColor, radius and style overrides for headings to inline code theme (#573)

  • Fixed: Inserting horizontal rule moves cursor on the next line after it (#576)

  • Added Shift + Click support for extending selection on desktop (#577)

  • Added automatic scrolling while selecting text with mouse (#577)

  • Added support for text alignment (#565)

  • Added support for checklists (#579)


This first public release candidate release brings many improvements, new features and bug fixes. As well as, support for the latest Flutter 2.8 stable version.

Below list only highlights some of the changes included in this release.

  • Support Flutter 2.8

  • Ability to hide individual toolbar items in basic factory (#448)

  • Support null-safety

  • Fixed: FocusNode instance is not created if not provided (#523)

  • Fixed: Fix caret display when cursor on embed line (#526)

  • Bring into view upon selection extension (#527)

  • Fixed: Swapping handles order is prevented (#532)

  • Fixed: Wrong offset for animating ScrollView (#536)

  • Fixed: Visibility of text selection handlers on scroll (#533)

  • Fixed: ZefyrField decoration hint doesn't disappear correctly (#537)

  • Fixed: null-safety issue EditableTextLine (#544)

  • ZefyrToolbar.basic(): allow to prepend / append buttons (#547)

  • Added text direction feature (#438)

  • Fixed: hitTestChildren to allow embedded content receive gesture/mouse events (#557)

  • Floating cursor support for iOS (#555)


  • Fixed: Hide selection handle when the current selection is collapsed on Android (#435).

  • Added: Support for text deletion using keyboards Backspace or Delete keys (#431).

  • Fixed: Toolbar overflow by wrapping it in SingleChildScrollView (#423).


This is the first development release of the upcoming 1.0.0 version of zefyr package.

Compared to 0.x versions of this package it's an almost complete rewrite and contains many breaking changes, but also comes with many improvements and new features.

This is an early dev release and it is not recommended to use in production environment. There are still many incomplete features as well as known issues that need to be addressed.

Breaking changes:

  • ZefyrScaffold was removed. It is no longer required to wrap ZefyrEditor with it.

  • ZefyrMode was removed. Zefyr now follows the contract of standard Flutter TextField and provides separate fields like showCursor, enableInteractiveSelection, readOnly to control editing features.

  • ZefyrImageDelegate was removed as well as the imageDelegate field. There is now new embedBuilder field which allows to customize embedded objects. By default it is set to defaultZefyrEmbedBuilder which only supports embeds of type "horizontal rule". To support image embeds this field needs to be supplied with a function which can handle images.

  • ZefyrView was removed. It is now possible to use ZefyrEditor with readOnly set to true to achieve view-only exprience.

  • ZefyrScope was removed. There is no replacement for this class, it's just not needed anymore.

  • ZefyrToolbarDelegate was removed together with ZefyrToolbar.delegate field. The toolbar can now be placed anywhere and does not require a scaffold. Users are required to handle visibility of the toolbar though (which was previously handled by ZefyrScaffold).

  • ZefyrTheme has been rewritten to simplify theme data. See implementation for more details.

The above is not a comprehensive list but it should highlight all the major changes and help with migration.

What's new:

  • Desktop support, including handling of mouse and keyboard inputs, including some keyboard shortcut as well as, hiding selection handles,

  • Web support, partial. There is still limitations on the Flutter side, particularly around rendering rich-text and providing text metrics for rich-text.

  • Better cursor handling and painting. It now matches the built-in Flutter behavior and style.

  • Better selection handling.

  • Code blocks now have line numbers (also planned - syntax highlighting)

  • ZefyrEditor.expands field controls whether the editor expands to fill its parent.

  • ZefyrEditor.minHeight and ZefyrEditor.maxHeight allow to control the height of the editor.

  • ZefyrEditor.scrollable if set to false allows to embed the editor into a custom scrollable layout, e.g. a ListView.

  • ZefyrEditr.onLaunchUrl callback is invoked when the user wants to open a link.


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.22


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.17.0


This release contains breaking changes. The entire theming layer of ZefyrEditor has been rewritten. Most notable changes include:

  • Removed selectionColor and cursorColor from ZefyrThemeData. Relying on the Flutter ThemeData.textSelectionColor and ThemeData.cursorColor instead.

  • All attribute styles moved to the new AttributeTheme class.

  • indentSize renamed to indentWidth

  • Purpose of BlockTheme changed to specify styles for particular block type (list, quote, code)

  • Removed HeadingTheme and StyleTheme

  • Added new LineTheme to describe styles of headings and paragraphs

Other changes in this release include:

  • Added: Support for Dark Mode

  • Changed: Minor tweaks to default theme

  • Fixed: ZefyrField decoration when focused appeared as disabled

  • Fixed: Caret color for iOS


  • Added: Support for iOS keyboard appearance. See ZefyrEditor.keyboardAppearance and ZefyrField.keyboardAppearance

  • Fixed: Preserve inline style when replacing formatted text from the first character (#201)

  • Fixed: Toggling toolbar between two editors (#229)


  • Feature: toggle inline styles (works for bold and italic)

  • Updated to support Flutter 1.12.0

  • Upgraded dependencies

  • Fixed analyzer issues


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.9.0 (#154)


This release contains breaking changes.

  • Breaking change: ZefyrEditor.enabled field replaced by ZefyrEditor.mode which can take one of three default values:

    • ZefyrMode.edit: the same as enabled: true, all editing controls are available to the user

    • ZefyrMode.select: user can't modify text itself, but allowed to select it and optionally apply formatting.

    • ZefyrMode.view: the same as enabled: false, read-only.

  • Added optional selectionControls field to ZefyrEditor and ZefyrEditableText. If not provided then by default uses platform-specific implementation.

  • Added support for "selectAll" action in selection toolbar.

  • Breaking change: removed ZefyrDefaultImageDelegate as well as dependency on image_picker plugin. Users are required to provide their own implementation. If image delegate is not provided then image toolbar button is disabled.

  • Breaking change: added ZefyrImageDelegate.cameraSource and ZefyrImageDelegate.gallerySource fields. For users of image_picker plugin these should return ImageSource.camera and ImageSource.gallery respectively. See documentation on implementing image support for more details.


  • Relaxed dependency constraint on image_picker library to allow latest version. Note that Zefyr 0.7 will stop depending on image_picker and introduce some breaking changes, which will be described here when 0.7 is released.


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.7.8


  • Updated to support Flutter 1.2

  • Experimental: Added non-scrollable ZefyrView widget which allows previewing Notus documents inside layouts using their own scrollables like ListView.

  • Breaking change: renamed EditableRichText to ZefyrRichText. User code is unlikely to be affected unless you've extended Zefyr with custom implementations of block widgets.

  • Breaking change: renamed RenderEditableParagraph to RenderZefyrParagraph. User code is unlikely to be affected unless you've extended Zefyr with custom implementations of block widgets.

  • Added ZefyrScope class - replaces previously used scope objects ZefyrEditableTextScope and ZefyrEditorScope. Unified all shared resources under one class.

  • Breaking change: removed ZefyrEditor.of and ZefyrEditableText.of static methods. Use ZefyrScope.of instead.


  • Breaking change: upgraded image_picker to ^0.5.0 and url_launcher to ^5.0.0 which requires migration to Android X. You must migrate your app in order to use this version. For details on how to migrate see:

    • https://flutter.io/docs/development/packages-and-plugins/androidx-compatibility

    • https://developer.android.com/jetpack/androidx/migrate


  • Fixed autofocus not being triggered when set to true for the first time.

  • Allow customizing cursor color via ZefyrTheme.


This version introduces new widget ZefyrScaffold which allows embedding Zefyr in custom layouts, like forms with multiple input fields.

It is now required to always wrap ZefyrEditor with an instance of this new widget. See examples and readme for more details.

There is also new ZefyrField widget which integrates Zefyr with material design decorations.

  • Breaking change: ZefyrEditor requires an ancestor ZefyrScaffold.

  • Upgraded to url_launcher version 4.0.0.

  • Exposed ZefyrEditor.physics property to allow customization of ScrollPhysics.

  • Added basic ZefyrField widget with material design decorations.


  • Breaking change: ZefyrImageDelegate.createImageProvider replaced with ZefyrImageDelegate.buildImage.

  • Fixed redundant updates on composing range for Android.

  • Added TextCapitalization.sentences

  • Added docs for embedding images.


  • Fixed analysis warnings.

  • UX: User taps on padding area around the editor and in empty space inside it now look for the nearest paragraph to move caret to.

  • UX: Toggle selection toolbar on double tap instead of refreshing it.


  • Fixed: Prevent sending excessive value updates to the native side which cause race conditions (#12).


  • Initial release.

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